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5 Recent Agricultural Inventions to Look at

Agriculture is an amazing example of these industries, which has gone through the substantial technological shift recently. Precision agriculture, involving sensors, drones, big data, farm management software, packaging and much more have resulted in the huge leap forward in digital age. Let us take a close look at top agricultural innovation technologies or practices, which has changed our agriculture all over the world.

  1. Modern Orchard Management Software

There is a lot of emerging software out there that help the farm leaders to describe, collect, as well as provide more information on the rice fields and gardens or other related products. Such software’s are well-equipped with the weather-sensing, offering accurate data making this simple for the farmers to make right decisions throughout this season.

  1. Indoor Vertical Farming

Indoor farming will increase the crop yields; it overcomes limited area, and reduces the farming’s impact of environment just by cutting down the distance traveled in supply chain. The indoor vertical farming is defined as a best practice of growing crops stacked above another in the closed & controlled environment. By making use of growing shelves that are mounted vertically, this reduces amount of the land space required to grow the plants than traditional farming ways.

This kind of growing is associated with the city and even urban farming due to its ability of thriving in the limited space. The vertical farms are quite unique in some setups do not need soil for the plants to grow. Majority of them are either hydroponic, and where vegetables will be grown in the nutrient-dense water bowl, and aeroponic, where plant roots are sprayed systematically with nutrients and water. In line of the natural sunlight, the artificial grow lights will be used.

  1. Smart Agriculture Machines

These machines are widely used in agricultural sector. But, with technological developments today, many machines are integrated with the data & automated systems. The sensors & remote control have allowed farmers to drive the tractors & machines without leaving their home.

  1. Genetic editing

Scientists now have started to use CRISPR or Cas9 to do genetic “surgeries”. It allows them to know and alter organism’s genome just by replacing and removing the specific genetic sequencing over the strand of DNA. CRISPR is getting used to alter cow’s gut microbes just with an aim to control the animal’s size and reducing amount of methane that they produce. Adjusting cow’s microbiomes in such way can produce higher meat on the less food. In turn this leads to the industry efficiency & better profitability.

  1. GIS-Based Agriculture

As fields are totally location-based, the GIS software becomes very useful tool in the terms of precision farming. When making use of GIS software, the farmers can map the current and the future changes in the precipitation, crop yields, temperature, plant health, and more. It allows use of the GPS-based applications with the smart machinery that will optimize fertilizer as well as pesticide application; and given farmers do not need to treat the whole field, however just deal with some areas; they can attain conservation of effort, money, and time.

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