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Benefits Of OPD Cover In Health Insurance

Even while in-patient care expenditures tend to be much greater, outpatient costs can accrue and drain your finances over the year. In light of escalating healthcare expenditures, selecting a health insurance plan that includes OPD (Out-Patient Department) coverage is prudent.

What does OPD mean in terms of health insurance?

Not all medical conditions necessitate hospitalisation. For instance, you could need to visit the OPD to treat a minor disease or injury. In such situations, you may visit the hospital’s clinic or OPD, have a physician evaluate the medical issue, obtain a laboratory diagnostic, and purchase medications at the pharmacy to treat the medical condition. You pay for doctor consultation costs, laboratory testing, and medications.

Standard health insurance policies do not cover such costs. The OPD cover supports the insured in submitting claims for expenses not covered as an in-patient.

Daycare and OPD treatment are interchangeable. However, there is a slight technical distinction between the two. For example, a root canal does not need hospitalisation, so it falls under OPD treatment. However, dental surgery that may be performed as the result of an accident and can need a hospital stay of fewer than 24 hours falls under Day Care treatment. * Standard T&C Apply

Here are the health insurance benefits with OPD coverage:

  • Submit a claim for medical expenses without getting admitted to a hospital setting.
  • Includes consultation fees, test costs, and pharmaceutical expenses.
  • Beneficial for patients requiring routine OPD visits.
  • Reduces the financial burden for those with chronic ailments or pre-existing conditions who require numerous OPD visits.

* Standard T&C Apply

What gets covered by OPD in health insurance?

  • Doctor consultations
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Pharmacy charges
  • OPD treatment

What may be the exclusions of OPD coverage in health insurance?

  • Amenities or services utilised for relaxation, enjoyment, etc.
  • Panchakarma, beautifying, purification, detoxification therapies, etc.
  • Cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses, implants, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, and other similar items.
  • OPD care outside of India.
  • Routine or preventative medical examinations.
  • Vaccination, injections and immunisations, except for post-bite treatment for dog bites.
  • Investigational therapies or experiments.
  • Sterility, infertility, and other associated problems.
  • Complications associated with pregnancy, abortion, etc.
  • Dentures, dental therapy, and any type of surgery.

* Standard T&C Apply

Who should purchase health insurance with OPD coverage?

Health insurance plans offering OPD coverage would be advantageous for people seeking to extend their primary coverage beyond hospitalisation. If you belong to any of these three categories, you should consider purchasing a health insurance plan that includes OPD coverage:

  • Individuals between the ages of 25 and 40 may not utilise in-patient hospitalisation more than outpatient care.
  • Seniors who may require routine minor surgical procedures, root canals, etc.
  • Fitness lovers regarded as the very fit may not utilise in-patient services more than outpatient ones for workout-related injuries.

* Standard T&C Apply

We hope by now it’s clear that OPD coverage in health insurance has many benefits. You should buy it immediately if you visit your doctor frequently for minor conditions that do not always require hospitalisation.

Medical expenses do not come knocking. A strong health insurance policy is your best option to prevent having to use your hard-earned life savings to pay for hospital bills.

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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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