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Cessation Aid Options To Help You Successfully Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking can be a highly challenging task, and many people who try without using a cessation aid end up failing. As many as 93% of people who quit smoking cold turkey are unsuccessful, so when you want to give up smoking, you should consider using a cessation aid to help make it a more manageable task. There are many tools you can use to help you with your quest to give up smoking for good, and it is worth talking to your doctor about the pros and cons of each to help you select the best one for you. Below are some available options that people use successfully to help you get started living a smoke-free life.

A Vaping Device

One of the most common options people choose when they want to quit smoking is a vaping device, and many different kinds are available. There are discreet devices and others that blow massive plumes of delicious vape smoke, and there are many choices available for the vape liquid you can use. There are varying nicotine strengths available, so you can slowly reduce the level you use and wean yourself off your addiction, and many people succeed in using a vaping device to help them quit.

Nicotine Patches

If you are looking for something discreet, you will want to consider using nicotine patches, which are also highly effective at controlling nicotine cravings. The nicotine patches last for around 24 hours, and they help keep a constant level of nicotine in your system, so you do not get any cravings. You can wear the watch on your upper arm or leg, underneath your clothes, so people cannot see it. The patches are available in varying nicotine strengths, so you can slowly reduce your dose and wean yourself off your reliance on nicotine.

Oral Nicotine Spray

Another cessation aid you can consider using is an oral nicotine spray, which is simple to use and comes in a pump action bottle. You squirt the liquid in the bottle into the back of your throat and mouth, and the capillaries will absorb the nicotine found in the liquid. You can use the spray whenever you feel cravings for nicotine intensifying, and the spray is available in different nicotine strengths. There is also a nasal spray which you can use, which works the same, and can effectively control your cravings for a cigarette.

Nicotine Gum

Another option you can consider that can help make it much easier to quit smoking is nicotine gum, which many people use in conjunction with other cessation aids. You can start chewing a piece of gum when you feel your urges getting stronger, and it will soon have you in control. There are various nicotine strengths available and flavours of nicotine gum, which can make it a pleasurable experience. If you use a different cessation aid and are struggling or are travelling and cannot use a vape, you can use nicotine gum anywhere to help keep your nicotine cravings under control.

Make an appointment with your doctor today and discuss the various options with them, and you can change your life for the better and give up the smoking habit for good.

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