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Five Etiquettes Which Must Be Followed When You Are Hot Desking

 Managing things in a minimum budget is an art and if you are good at it then you can reap great benefits from it in the long run. When you are a budding entrepreneur, you must take all the necessary steps to ensure a great work environment in a minimum investment because you are already running low on budget. Even if this does not hold true for you, you must try to keep your expenses in check by using methods like Hot Desking at your workplace.

What is Hot Desking?

When you do not have a lot of space in your office, you need to make the most of whatever you have. Hot Desking allows the staff of your office to use one desk as a common workstation during different hours of the day. The division of the hours of using the hot desk can be scheduled prior to the initiation of official processes. This method is also known as Hoteling. There are some etiquettes which must be followed when hot desking is conducted at your workplace.

What Are Etiquettes and Why Are They Important?

Etiquettes are the manners to which one must adhere to while being a part of a formal group. These are the basic guidelines about the appropriate behavior which must be adapted all the time at your workplace. Etiquettes define your identity and help people recognize what you truly are as a person.

Etiquettes are important because it is because of following them that we fall under the category of civilization. If we do not follow some basic manners then we are no better than animals. Hot Desking etiquettes are the etiquettes which must be learned and followed all the time when you share the desk with your teammates.

Do Not Stick to The Same Desk All Day

It is highly appreciated to have fixed hours for using the hot desk for yourself. If you intend on using it for all day then it would be better to inform your team lead about it beforehand so that appropriate arrangements could be made in time. Otherwise, it would look unprofessional on your part to be this way. Sticking to the same desk and having it all for yourself or your team is not an acceptable behavior and it may cause great harm to your image in the office.

Sanitization of Workstation is Important

It does not matter for how long you used the workstation, but whenever you leave, make sure you spray sanitizer a few times on the desk as the corona virus is still present among us and if you act like it is gone then it will surely bounce back. Today, the pros and cons of hot desking are weighed on the scale of safety, efficiency and productivity. If any of these is compromised, then the whole model might come down collapsing. If you do not have a sanitizer, then ask the junior staff to do the work for you but do not put others at a risk.

Take An Off If You Are Sick

These are trying times and people are scared about their future. The corona virus has taken a toll on their physical and mental health. Somehow they have gathered the courage of recollecting themselves and get back to normal. If you show up sick at hot desking workstation, it will make them angry because if you do not care about yourself then you should at least care about those who are around you. When you show up sick, you are risking their lives and yours. Take a day off or use your medical leaves, get well before you rejoin the office.

Maintain The Decorum

When you are hot desking, you should understand that you have become a part of a small ecosystem where people come together to share their thoughts and solve problems. You have to stay in the character of a professional individual so that you do not come off as an offbeat addition to the family. Share your thoughts, explain your ideas, raise your objections and do everything that the people in the room will not find awkward or inappropriate. Point is, maintain professionalism and decorum of the hot desking workstation.

Be Quiet

Silence is a virtue at workplace and you must not forget that you are a part of a team where everyone is focused on achieving their daily targets. So, be quiet and work in peace so that you do not cause others any problem. Being noisy and nosy with others is definitely a big no at work. You should never be the guy who is the reason behind everyone’s broken concentration.

And these were the five basic etiquettes of hot desking.

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