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Foster Better Coordination With Cloud Identity Management And Reduce Overhead Expense

Cloud identity management is more than a web app solution. This is an ISaaS representing Identity as a Service. It provides endpoint administration and identity services available in G Suite as stand-alone product. You may put cloud identity from a central location as an administrator to manage your apps, users, and devices.

Cloud identity management may be vital for an organization. It influences the employee’s productivity and the organizations security. It has a great influence on the technology solutions that you choose. In case you get locked into particular providers or platforms owing to the existing directory service, you may look at the cloud identity vendor-neutral management solution.

Cloud identity easily manages the devices, users, and apps from one console. The benefits are:

Gives users to their favorite apps as one-click access

It enables employees to pursue their work on any device, from anywhere, to all the apps with just one-click access. The employees may manage easily and concentrate on their work without trouble, while they manage the identities of thousands of people moving, joining, or leaving the organization. There are OpenID and sign-on supports SAML 2.0 working out of the box with hundreds of applications and this includes SAP SuccessFactors, G Suite  and GCP apps such as Sheets and Docs.

Implement personal and corporate devices security policies

Cloud identity management helps to keep you employees satisfied and the data secure for Android and iOS with device management that it is easily set in minutes. There is employee-friendly support that you can bring you own device policies as the security protocols are enforced. Implementing wipe data, screen locks, and secure device helps managing apps and users as it is from the same console.

The trends are emerging from IT modernization throughout the world, but for Middle Eastern and European / African (EMEA) companies, there are distinct challenges coming along this evolution.

Having a strong, secure, sharp identity and access management (IAM) program shields your organization from any unlawful access or intrusion, it ensures your users do not access the data accidentally, and offers enhanced security for your data and assets. Having appropriate IAM provider, ensures the organizations can realize incredible time-saving, security-boosting, efficiency-building benefits, regardless from where you operate.

Cloud identity management can connect cloud servers, have access to WiFi networks, and facilitate authentication. It is essential to prevent threats reaching from outside to your databases and keeps at bay the insider threats. The protocols of authentication need to scale and expand in association with the IT environment scales, ascertaining security as it balances the user experience.

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