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Guide to studying Physics for NEET

Many students are often worried about the physics section in the NEET section. Physics is often considered to be a tough subject by students. It requires less memorization-based than other subjects and one needs to think critically to understand the concepts.

If you’re confused about how to tackle physics for NEET, don’t worry because, in this article, we’ll be going through all you need to prepare for NEET physics. We’ll be going over a few tips to study physics effectively as well as going through a few valuable study resources for the test. Before we begin, let’s look into what NEET is.

About NEET

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is conducted offline by the National Testing Agency once a year. It is the only entrance examination for students wanting to gain admission to MBBS, BDS, Veterinary as well as other medical courses in India.

Earlier, there were various medical entrance examinations for students wishing to pursue medical courses in government or private institutions. This would cause a lot of unnecessary stress as well as confusion among students as sometimes, they would have to appear for many entrance exams. To overcome this, NEET was developed so that all the students in India have to give the same entrance exam to qualify for a medical program. The duration of the exam is 3 hours and the test is out of a total of 720. One should also be aware of negative marking- each correct answer gives 4 marks, whereas, 1 mark is deducted from the total score with every incorrect answer.

Why studying Physics is important for NEET

NEET tests subjects like physics, chemistry, zoology, and botany. Each of the sections carries 180 marks. It has also been found that students get relatively good scores in biology and chemistry, but score fewer marks in physics.

Many times, students don’t give much importance to physics while preparing for the NEET.

Physics is usually more challenging as well as requires a lot more effort. It involves a lot of tedious calculations, mathematical terms, and formulas. However, students should remember that preparing for physics is as important as preparing for other subjects. If students want to get a better rank in NEET, they also have to study physics as it contributes to their final score.

Tips to prepare for NEET Physics:

Understand the concepts

While students can try to memorize subjects like Biology and Chemistry, the same cannot be done with physics. Physics goes beyond rote learning and requires students to develop conceptual thought. Hence, students preparing for NEET physics must begin by building a strong foundation of all the concepts involved.

Learn your formulas

When it comes to getting ready for NEET physics, learning the formulas is a very important part of preparation. Formulas play a very important role in physics and you need to be able to remember them correctly.   To master the formulas, students must learn them again and again until they can remember them easily.

You can also make a notebook where you can write all the formulas, numbers, units, etc for each chapter. These notes should be detailed enough that one reading is sufficient for you to be able to revise all the formulas. Make a habit of revising these formulas daily. You can also practice different types of questions pertaining to each formula.

Choose good preparation materials

The main study resource for the NEET should be NCERT textbooks. NEET aspirants should make sure they know all the concepts in the textbook as well as solve the problems in the book including the solved examples.

In addition to the NCERT textbooks, students can also use NEET Physics Important Questions as an additional resource. It includes solutions too and is prepared by experts. This is a great study material that students can use for revision and practice sessions too. These important questions are organized chapter-wise and students can simply download them online for free. These questions are written after thorough research of the question paper pattern and the previous year’s papers. It was also developed after consideration of the topic-wise weightage of concepts included in the syllabus.  As a result of these factors, these questions have a high likelihood of appearing in the examination.

Dedicate time to Physics every day

It’s no secret that becoming good at anything requires practice. In the same way, getting ready for NEET physics requires intensive practice. One should try to dedicate a little time every day to learning physics. With regular practice, you will get exposure to different types of questions.

You can practice from questions papers, important questions, and textbooks.

After every study session, you can try to solve a few questions. For example, after studying a little from the chapter ‘Work, Energy, and Power’, you can solve a few problems based on what you have studied. You can also use NEET important questions for practice. You can attempt solving questions from there, if you have any confusion you can look at the solutions for guidance. Then, try to solve the question completely by yourself. It’s important to revise what you’re learning regularly. At the end of every week, students can go through all that they have learned. Another valuable tip is to time yourself, with time you will be able to solve sums faster and accurately.

Work on your math

As you may have noticed, physics employs a lot of mathematical concepts. So, if you struggle with Math, you should definitely spend time on understanding and becoming better at it. This will take your physics game to the next level.

Solve mock tests and past question papers 

Candidates should solve the previous year’s question papers and mock tests. This will help you get familiar with the question paper pattern as well as with how questions could be asked in the exam. With this, you will also be able to test how much you know as well as identify your weak areas. Candidates can also try to solve the paper within a limited time frame.

If you implement these tips into your physics preparation for NEET, you will surely do well. Hope this article helps you successfully navigate the physics syllabus and attain a good score. Best of luck!

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