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Importance of Previous Year Questions for NEET students

To crack India’s toughest entrance exams like NEET-UG students must have to do hard work along with well strategic smart work. Number of people say to do hard work along with smart work but do you know what comes on the list of smart work? Some of you might be familiar with the smart work and some not. Just think about an exam that you are going to appear in but you don’t have any idea about that exam pattern, exam need, and its syllabus. Then how you will prepare for that exam, can you think about it? Definitely, you cannot imagine anything without knowing the need and demands of the exam. 

Having familiarity with all these things comes in the list of smart work. This kind of smart work will definitely help you to achieve success. Hence, solving and analysing previous year question papers also comes in the series of smart work. When you analyse the previous year papers of the NEET-UG exam then you will get an idea of what you should work on to achieve success in the exam. 

In cracking the NEET-UG exam, the previous year question paper will play an important role for you for sure. There is not only the single importance of solving previous year question papers that is going to help you in your exam but there are a lot of things that you can learn from the previous year question papers. Hence, it is highly important for all the students to go through the NEET  previous year question papers.

If you still have any doubt on why you should solve previous year question papers then the points given below can help you to understand the importance of the previous year question papers. 

Helps in knowing the weightage of each subject

The questions in the NEET exam are asked from different subjects such as Physics, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. So it is important to know the weightage of each subject in the exam. When you start to analyse the previous year question papers of NEET then you will find what is the weightage of each subject in the exam. This analysis will help you in preparing for each subject for the exam. According to the weightage of the subject, you can make strategies to cover them in proper time.

Helps in knowing the important topics

There are a lot of things to read in each of the subjects that are asked in the exam. At the same time retaining all the stuff in your mind sounds a little bit hard. And obviously, you cannot read all the stuff written in the book, what you actually need to read is very selected topics of each subject. Then how will you know which topics you should select to read and which should be deselected? 

So, the answer for this is again previous year question papers (PYQs). Only by analysing the previous year question papers, you can get this idea that what you should select to read and what not, which topics and which subtopics are important from the exam point of view. All these things can only be examined by analysing NEET PYQs. 

Gives an extensive idea of the paper pattern

Whenever you see the previous year question then you get the idea of the pattern of the paper such as the number of total questions asked in the exam, total no. 

of questions to be attempted, total marks of the exam, type of questions, the language of questions, etc. 

These are the basic and important things that you need to know before appearing for any exam as they will help you in managing your time in the exam hall. So analysing the question paper of the previous year of the NEET exam also gives you an extensive idea of the paper pattern and consequently, it helps you in managing time to solve the paper.

Provide confidence

If you are confident then half of the part of your work you have already done with it. Confidence can make you or break you in any situation whether it is a competitive exam or a real-life exam.

There are a lot of benefits of solving previous year question papers but the most important benefit of it is providing you with the confidence and strong faith to ace the exam. You should note down this point anywhere in your mind that confidence is the basic and the core skill to crack any exam and it not only helps you in cracking the competitive exams but also helps you in cracking all the real-life exams as well.

Suppose you have the previous year papers of the neet exam in your hand and without any preparation, you are able to solve 60% of the total questions given in the paper. Then how will you feel after solving the paper with 60% marks? Definitely, you will feel good and more importantly you will feel confident that yes you can crack this exam. This confidence will help you to clear the final NEET  exam and consequently you will get the desired Medical College and desired medical course as well. 

Helps in obtaining good marks 

After analysing the question papers you have the idea of the distribution of marks for each subject, understanding important topics, and so on. All these things will help you in performing well in the exam, and hence will be helpful in obtaining desired marks. The previous year question papers will help you in improving your marks and hence in improving your overall rank in the NEET exam.


Check out any of the previous year question papers for reference check NEET 2019 Code P1 Question Paper. Now open this question paper, analyse it and then inform us whether you get any benefits of reading only one previous year question paper or not. Definitely, you will find it helpful in many ways. So now you can think if only one question paper can give you a lot of help to understand the exam. Then if you analyse the 5-10 years of previous papers of the NEET exam then how much help can you get from this. 

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