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Must-Have Features for Your Hiring Event Software

Companies can efficiently source, shortlist, and potentially recruit applicants at digital hiring events in a short amount of time. These events are held to save time and facilitate the hiring of new employees.The hiring event software has been groundbreaking in eliminating geographical constraints while still attracting global talent. There is no capacity or seating constraint, so the budget is usually a little lower.

Essential features of a hiring event software

With so much to offer, it can be confusing to pick one out of the pool of hiring software. Hence, to assist in the search, check for these must-have features to narrow the search to the best one.

Video and text chat

The software should provide a transition to video and voice chat with ease. An ideal software allows seamless switching the text-based conversations to video and voice with the push of a button. The platform should flaunt built-in high-definition video that increases the user experience and eliminates third-party video integration.

Moreover, some platforms use video chat metrics to help improve the experience of the recruiters and candidates.

Promotional Tools for Events

With easy-to-use event marketing tools, attract more candidates. This feature comes in handy in creating custom landing pages to complement the company’s image and guarantees that interested applicants register for the virtual event.

A company needs to promote the event on thousands of job boards and websites for a successful hiring event. With the right software, all this can be done using built-in candidate sourcing solutions to broaden its reach and attract top talent. Additionally, some software track links to ensure the recruiters get the most out for their buck regarding recruitment marketing.

Dashboards and Analytics

Analytics and dashboards can be used to track the success of virtual hiring events.

The dashboards provide real-time information on the event’s performance. Exporting candidate and event data to obtain a more detailed look at the candidates and event success is crucial for recruiters. Tracking links gives insight into the top marketing channels, allowing the company to spend its recruitment marketing budget wisely. An insight into signups, registrants, attendance rate, and video chat data can help recruiters streamline their most productive channels.

Feature Integrations & Follow-Up

Good software will empower recruiters in ensuring that no applicants are left from receiving the follow-up communications. This is achievable due to built-in follow-up options and integrations. From the event, send emails to hiring managers, candidates, and other recruiting team members. Attach resumes, chat transcripts, and personalized messages to provide a complete picture of the candidates to the higher management.

Calendar integrations allow recruiters to plan follow-up interviews with qualified applicants, keeping the dialogue rolling.

Webinars and video broadcasts

Now, within the virtual hiring event, host live webinars. Recruiters can drive higher engagement through live stream webinars. Most software requires no third-party integrations needed. Furthermore, Panel talks or multi-presenter webinars can also be hosted containing up to four presenters. Live webinars can also be recorded and shared with candidates or used in recruiting marketing materials later.


Recruiters and hiring managers can use virtual hiring event software to connect and communicate with several candidates from one online platform, significantly extending their reach while saving time.

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