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Remote Management: How To Lead Your Team?

Effective remote management has become one of the significant needs of recent times. Remote work is no longer just a trend, and it is already a reality for many. Working from anywhere in the world has become synonymous with autonomy, freedom and today, it is a model that many professionals would like to follow. And not just in times of pandemic, as in what we are experiencing.

For A Company That Did Not Work With A Home Office, How To Manage Employees?

Managing remote teams has particularities: it is necessary to create formal arrangements that are often created informally when the interaction is physical.

For example, agree with your team what will be the working hours the expected deliverables, define follow-up and presentation meetings, make agreements on the availability of managers and employees for calls, and, in some cases, define a conflict resolution process and escalation of subjects.

With so much technology available, it is necessary to define the channel for each type of interaction. Formal and confidential information goes via email, project exchanges for other collaborative tools, and more informal comments via WhatsApp can be combined. It seems obvious, but care must also be taken with meeting and working time. We run the risk of blowing up the hours of the day if we leave our schedule full of meetings.

Tip: Block out some times in your calendar to work on projects and deliverables. And ask your team to do the same.

How Can The Leader Encourage His Team?

  • Design challenging goals for your team and empower them so that everyone looks for solutions;
  • Be careful to talk to people to give and receive feedback;
  • Be organized on demands;
  • Make room to listen to how people feel and what’s going on in their lives, especially in times of crisis like now;
  • During calls, close all windows and turn on the camera so they can see your expressions and see that you are paying attention;
  • Always remember to acknowledge contributors’ contributions publicly;
  • Demonstrate commitment, organization, and learning on an ongoing basis.

And How Can The Leader Demand Result?

Involve everyone on the team in building goals and work plans according to the website. Listen and try to incorporate all the ideas that make sense. If the team is senior, let them decide how best to meet the challenge and put themselves as a resource.

Create an agreement on the dates of upcoming presentations and participate with them. As a leader, know how to merge resources and follow up intelligently: simple reports can be delivered via email, presentations will be made via group video conference, feedback in one-on-one meetings with pre-tasks from both sides. If the person is not performing as expected, always be open to questions and find a space for a conversation about performance and the individual development plan.

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