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Which broker is best for insurance in Hyderabad?

Ethika insurance broking is the best for insurance in Hyderabad as they are based out of Hyderabad. Very few insurance brokers have their head office in Hyderabad or are based out of Hyderabad. Ethika Insurance broking is the pioneer in providing risk management solutions. Ethika insurance broking is the best insurance broker in Hyderabad for Group health insurance, Liability insurance, Engineering insurance, Workmen’s compensation insurance, Retail Health insurance and other insurance products. Visit Here for more information.

Insurance broker is one of the insurance intermediaries who can provide insurance services to their customers. Insurance brokers act as an intermediary between the insurance company and the customers. They can sell insurance to the customer on behalf of the insurance company. Insurance brokers also provide risk management solutions which would be tailor made to suit the needs and requirements of the customers. The risk management solutions depend on the risk profile of the customer.

Ethika insurance broking is the best insurance broker in Hyderabad for any kind of insurance related services. They can also provide customized risk management solutions to their customers to reduce the risk of their portfolio. The risk management solutions provided by them are highly efficient. Ethika insurance broking has a client retention ratio of 90% which means that 9 out of 10 clients are renewing their insurance policies with Ethika insurance which is way above the industry average. Higher the retention ratio of the insurance broker, higher would be the trust factor. In simple words the customers of Ethika insurance broking are satisfied with their services and are approaching them for renewals.

Ethika insurance broking is called the best insurance broking in Hyderabad as it offers many value added services in addition to the basic risk management solutions and the insurance sales. Ethika insurance broking offers red carpet claim settlement service in which the claims of their customers are settled faster when compared to the other insurance brokers. In red carpet claim assistance the customer is expected to provide basic details such as the date of hospitalization, insured members details etc which would be utilised by the Ethika broking team to coordinate with the insurance company and get the claim settlement on a fast track basis. The red carpet settlement allows the insured members to get the claim settled in less time thereby increasing the satisfaction levels. The other value added service provided by Ethika insurance broking is the Employee happiness program under which there would be sessions conducted by industry experts to identify the issues of the employees and suggest remedies. Even employees can interact with the experts offline and resolve their problems. Ethika insurance strongly believes that the workplace productivity can be improved if the employees are happy at the workplace. To improve happiness at the workplace, the problems faced by employees should be identified and acted upon which requires the help of industry experts.

Ethika insurance is the best insurance broking in Hyderabad offering the value-added services in addition to the basic risk management solutions and insurance solutions.

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